Travel Guide: Camping in Okinawa Islands

Camping Okinawa

Okinawa offers a unique camping experience. The climate is subtropical/tropical – which means that it has hot and humid summers, and mild to cool winters. The temperatures never go below 13 degrees Celsius, or 55 degrees Fahrenheit, though the wind chill factor may say otherwise. Sleeping bags should have synthetic insulation (for the humidity) and be rated for 40-60 degrees. Tents should include a rain fly, and be strong enough to withstand strong winds, especially if you are camping right on the open beach.

Cape Hedo, on the northernmost shores of Okinawa, Japan, is a hidden gem for campers and anglers who prefer to get away from all the conveniences and amenities of civilization. Okinawa has many campgrounds that are managed and accommodated, with restrooms, showers, and places to rent equipment and buy supplies. For the purist, however, all that’s needed is a patch of ground (or sand) to pitch their tent on.

It is quite likely that it will rain, but days of constant downpour shouldn’t be a worry. Bring rain gear, and have it on hand at all times. Okinawa gets about 200 – 250 inches of rain during the summer months. The rainy season is May – June. Typhoon season is June – November, but most typhoons occur through September. In the summer, make sure to have plenty of water and sunscreen.

The best times to visit are in spring (late March – April) and fall (October – November). If you go in the spring, be aware of Golden Week (several national holidays). Golden Week can be a busy time, unless you opt for camping on one of the small islands.

Anglers will find a delightful variety of fishing opportunities. Okinawa has some of the best offshore fishing in the world. Many fishing charters offer the chance to catch some tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, and many others. There is also great fishing from the shore, with either flies or lures. When shore fishing, a heavier weight and stronger rod are needed than you would think, for the fish you are going for. Fish commonly found along the shores include a variety of snappers, and even eels.

A few things to watch out for are the giant killer wasps called Suzumebachi, Mukade, a giant centipede, and Habu snakes. These critters can ruin a trip, so stay away from them if you find them, and have a plan for emergency medical attention. Apart from those three, ants and mosquitoes can make camping miserable, much like other parts of the world. The problem with warmer weather all year long is they are always present. Okinawa also has several dangerous species of jellyfish. If you plan on getting wet, heed the warnings. Having alerted you to the dangers, know that the greatest risk to human health is sunburn.

There are many tourist attractions, but it is hard to beat the crystal clear surfs and close islands teeming with tropical foliage. Be prepared, obey the signs, and enjoy an amazing outdoor experience.

The People & Mentality of Okinawa

People of Okinawa

Personally, it’s really a proud thing that I can live in Okinawa. One thing is the beauty of the island, the other is the wonderful people that live here. For that reason, I can well understand why many of the inhabitants just never leave the island. I too have the strangest feeling when leaving the island with a boat, like I want to go back and never stay away from some kind of a higher calling. Not that I am religious, but at times it feels so mystical which is hard to explain. Dispite this longing to belong to Okinawa, I do set out to travel beyond the borders too. It’s often a long trip but worth it of course. Having been out for a while, is very refreshing and returning is such a joy always.

But the fact is, that Okinawa is very much dependent on tourism. That’s why we need people like myself and my good friends, who go out to make connections. So that we can promote tourism, fishing and the island itself to the outside world. While the official tourism board has done much to make the living conditions better, there is still a lot to be done.

Wherever one goes, you need good connections. And our aspiration is to be exactly that for the island. That’s why we always say, that don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need a contact here. Likewise, we always keep in touch with our friends abroad too for mutual beneift. I guess you could call that island mentality.

This kind of connectivity is the core for survival on our island. With at times harsh conditions it’s a question of safety. Or just a good way to find the best fishing spots! Anyway you really have to come here to our island to really understand the mentality here. Overall something very positive we hope that everyone would have an opportunity to experience (plus a lot of fishing of course!!), in their lives. Likewise, I hope that more people from here would explore foreign countries so that we could build more knowledge, trust and peace between nations. And I am not pointing any fingers here, except the one that is focus towards my self. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you want to know more about the people here.

Thank you!

Daiki Mori

Okinawa Heaven Beyond Fishing

Okinawa Heaven Beyond Fishing

A lot of people come here for vacations and out of those people about 99% enjoy fresh sea food provided by the nearby oceans. But Okinawa is a heaven for not just those who love fish. It is also a favorite for those who enjoy a comfortable, relaxed environment with abundant beauty throughout the island. For us it’s obvious that one of the best activities at the island is fishing but it’s not actually what it is most famous for. In fact, we’ve had lots of visitors who come surprised to see so many fishing opportunities.. some of whom have fallen in love with the sport for the first time in their lives. It’s a great feeling when you know that you can give people the gift of a new hobby!

What Okinawa is famous for, is the food in general, sea sports and traditional Japanese customs. For us, it’s all about dancing and enjoying good music that we love the most. Most of the activities of which happen at one of the hundreds of beaches available. Of course there is a city with all the modern accommodates available. But to truly enjoy this beautiful island, one needs to get in touch with the friendly people that inhabit the island. There are plenty of inhabitants on the island and we don’t want visitors to feel like strangers. That’s why we often like to meet up in local bars and other musical events so that we can learn culture and having fun from each other.

Over the long history of the island, there have been a lot of foreigners visiting there of which mainly most are Americans. That’s why we are in the fortunate situation that people can speak more English, compared to the main island of Japa. In fact, the atmosphere is very different and certainly something that needs to be experienced to be understood.

Of course, some tasty sea food always helps a long way! Hope to see you in Okinawa one day, thanks for reading folks.

Sea breeze greetings,
Daiki Mori

Okinawa Saltwater Fishing is Back!


After a long and proud 11 year history of the website, it is time to turn a new exiting page that will make history!

We are happy to announce the return of the website, which took some turns and twists because of a reorganisation that took part in the past months. Instead of giving up the project, it will continue as a blog that will continue to inform the public about fishing on the beautiful islands of Okinawa. Straight from the mouths of the experts, you can continue to rely on the information that we so proudly present to you here.

But that’s not all. The reorganisation has surfaced plenty of new ideas, part of which are still under consideration. However, it has become clear that the ambitious and fish loving folks here are anxious to broaden their horizons beyond Okinawa too.

Saltwater fishing is something that takes places all over the world, and while Okinawa is without a doubt one of the best places on the earth to experience it.. we think that other locations and countries would deserve the opportunity too. So, besides giving you news and information from the island of Okinawa: we will be taking trips to other amazing fishing destinations on the side. After all the hard work, during all these years I think we have deserved it. Don’t you think?

So what better way to reward our readers at the same time, then bring double the excitement and triple the useful salt water fishing information! Plus, we just might do some other fun stuff too that no one knows.

Get ready for the new!