How to Easily Start Your Very Own Fishing Blog

Fishing blogs are a fantastic way to share your passion with family, friends and the rest of the world. There are never enough websites that give us insight about fishing spots and methods. As well

Introduction to Types of Fishing in Okinawa

There is a vast amount of fish in the crystal clear waters of Okinawa and you have a wide range of options for enjoying your favorite pastime. Okinawa offers many fishing options, for anyone

Introduction to Deep Sea Fishing in Okinawa

For the fishing enthusiast Okinawa is the place to be. Okinawa is famous for the endless clear blue ocean that surrounds it, teaming with an abundance of marine life. There are certified captains eager

How to Buy Fishing Gear from

Many of you have asked, and even a bigger number has been looking at the impressive stock of fishing goods that are being sold on the very popular store. This is the Japanese

iTunes Fishing Apps in Japan

Did you know that there are plenty of apps that are related to Fishing in Japan as well as Okinawa. It’s a world that we opened out eyes to on our last trip to

Chinese Style Travel: Chaoyang Theater Acrobatics!

We have covered a lot of Okinawa Travel related insight throughout the island. But it’s time to reveal our latest and greatest of traveling beyond our precious island. Before, we have announced our great

Fun Things to do at Okinawa Island!

As the largest island in Japan, Okinawa has become the central transportation hub of the Okinawa Prefecture as well as an excellent place to experience rich culture, friendly locals and beautiful sights of nature.

Saltwater Fishing Goes to China

For long, we have been planning a trip outside of Okinawa. And finally our dreams are coming true, in a big way that is! Plus thanks to our wonderful new blog, we are able

Travel Guide: Camping in Okinawa Islands

Okinawa offers a unique camping experience. The climate is subtropical/tropical – which means that it has hot and humid summers, and mild to cool winters. The temperatures never go below 13 degrees Celsius, or

The People & Mentality of Okinawa

Personally, it’s really a proud thing that I can live in Okinawa. One thing is the beauty of the island, the other is the wonderful people that live here. For that reason, I can