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Hello everyone, from hobbyist to fishing experts to those who are just interested in Okinawa. This blog will cover various topics related to the island, and we will go to fishing trips in foreign countries to see what saltwater fishing is all about.

In case you are wondering what happened to this website, ownership has changed. Times were good, but the time to move on always comes. Especially when it comes to fishing, we need to conserve the nature and think up of smarter ways to protect the resources that are important to us. Luckily sport fishing is the least of the threats available to our oceans today. But staying aware and alert is what everyone should do, this blog will do it’s bit to raise awareness in that too.

Other than that, this website is all about fun and enjoying life at it’s best. So forget your worries at work, read our mind soothing posts from the paradise while you save up for that holiday to Okinawa. Let’s enjoy the beautiful sea breeze with Saltwater Fishing Okinawa.

Thank you for visiting.

Your host,
Daiki Mori