Chinese Style Travel: Chaoyang Theater Acrobatics!

Acrobatic Feats

We have covered a lot of Okinawa Travel related insight throughout the island. But it’s time to reveal our latest and greatest of traveling beyond our precious island. Before, we have announced our great plans to visit the great Republic of China!

To our surprise, it became true sooner than we could have even anticipated. One could say, that travel is in the essence of embracing the unexpected. Exactly as is the behavior of the sea side in Okinawa and other islands around Japan. But no longer were we at an island, but at the fantastic capital city of Beijing. I would like to say that we never visit the small night fishing bars or such, even though some of were tempted to. Our mission is to bring dignity to the way of a honorable fishing lifestyle. That means we don’t support places where fish are not being treated with the right respect in our humble opinion. Instead of just fishing stuff, and shops we wanted to experience a local way of life. And what really got our attention was the Chaoyang Theater that hosted one of the most brilliant and stunning acrobatics shows we have seen in our lives. Being Japanese, you get to see some great performances from time to time.. but nothing could prepare us for the deep taste of the Chinese performing art scene. The one that we got to witness right in front of our noses thanks to the brave attempt and nightlife spectacle put up by the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.

While acrobatics is often categorized as circus, I think the Chinese see more pride in their variety of acts than that. More than just breath taking feats, tricks and stunts that were many. Beyond that, there was a perfectly orchestrated choreography of artistic performers. The whole show was filled with dance, music and beautiful decorations as well as costumes that made a whole that did something deep and profound to your being. If anyone ever visits Beijing, we as Japanese can highly recommend that best ever Chinese show held at the Chaoyang Theater. I believe that the name is something like “The Flying Acrobatics Show”. You may also search for keywords like “Peking Acrobats”, or “Beijing Acrobatic Show” for more information.

Being an entity that brings forth not just travel, but especially culture related information about the island of Okinawa.. we felt that it was hour duty to research on the subject of Chinese culture as well. Interestingly enough, the acrobatics performance that caught our eye was just the right motivation to start doing our research. While Shanghai was a whole another game, that we loved too. In this post I’ll just concentrate on our findings out Beijing!

The word acrobats is infact Greek and it means “to walk on tiptoe”. While we can say that different cultures have had their different kinds of origins to a variety of acrobatic performances, China has been on the fore front. They have been held at all kinds of village festivals and of course to please the emperor! Now the whole art has taken a new modern form, with respect to it’s ancestral roots. That which can be seen in many theaters all over the country. Don’t miss on it if you are looking for a culture treat like no other.

Venue: Chaoyang Theater, “Flying Acrobatic Show”.
In Chinese: 朝阳剧场, “杂技飞翔”
Address: 36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
In Chinese: 朝阳区东三环北路36号
Show Time: 14:30, 15:50, 17:30 & 19:15

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Daiki Mori.

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