Fun Things to do at Okinawa Island!

As the largest island in Japan, Okinawa has become the central transportation hub of the Okinawa Prefecture as well as an excellent place to experience rich culture, friendly locals and beautiful sights of nature. From stunning architecture, museums and an excellent aquarium to some of the healthiest and most delicious food throughout the region how can you go wrong in a visit to Okinawa Island?

Whether you visit for a day trip or spend an entire week on the island, here are some ideas on what you can do to fill your days…

Visit Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle

Located in the capital, Naha this magnificent castle previously served as the administrative center as well as the residence of the Ryukyu kings for many centuries. It is now named an UNESCO World Heritage site and welcomes visitors to enjoy it in all its splendor. Take a walk around the outside of the castle where you can gaze at the amazing architecture and snap some incredible photos. Then explore the interior where you will find historical artifacts, read about the history and even see a replica of the king’s throne and crown.

See Japan’s Best Aquarium

Churaumi Aquarium

The Churaumi Aquarium on the island has widely been considered the best aquarium throughout all of Japan. It is home to one of the world’s largest tanks, the Kuroshio Tank where they hold a variety of marine life including whale sharks and giant manta rays. With three floors filled with the world’s first large scale exhibit of living coral, daily feeding shows, a high definition movie theater and so much more this will surely be a visit to remember.

Experience Hiji Waterfall

Hiji Waterfall

Head toward the northern region of Yambaru and you will find yourself surrounded mostly by lush, green forests ready to welcome you in and explore some amazing sights of nature. The Hiji Waterfall contains a trailhead about two kilometers inland from the main road and does include an entrance fee (500 yen). The waterfall itself is 26 meters tall and is surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere that will allow you to take in all that nature has to offer.

Walk Around Ocean Expo Park

Ocean Expo Park

If you are looking for a day to simply relax and stroll around in a nice and peaceful park then head to Ocean Expo Park. Located very near the aquarium and includes three kilometers of walk paths and routes to different attractions right along the coastline.

Hope you enjoyed this article on fun things to do at the Okinawa Island. Besides saltwater fishing that is! =) See you next time, Daiki Mori.

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  1. Hi Mori san,
    I am from Singapore going over to Okinawa for holiday in Mar 9th to 15th. Just want to know is there any location which i can go for light lure fishing or even light game sea fishing which is not that expensive OR bass fishing?
    Also, may i know which fishing shop carry Evergreen International fishing rods and lures?

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