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Many of you have asked, and even a bigger number has been looking at the impressive stock of fishing goods that are being sold on the very popular store. This is the Japanese version of the English language Amazon in the United State, United Kingdom and now I believe in many more countries as well. While the store concept is nothing new to many of you, the Japanese language often enough is. Of course it is no surprise either that they have such an impressive stock, because they are famous for selling pretty much anything they can get their hands on. And some of the very precious fishing equipment and fishing lures are not to be found anywhere else. Unless you come to Japan by yourself of course.

That’s why Amazon is a life saver for those who cannot afford to come by themselves. I have to include, that international shipping has become incredibly affordable why these things travel very efficiently across the globe. Surprisingly enough, they get a lot of customers from China nowadays because the trust for Japanese products is much higher. However, the increasing trend is mostly within the USA where Japanese fishing gear is still relatively hard to get. At least if you compare to the abundance that is available in our own country. And as a side tip if you ever want to see one of the most impressive fishing stores in the whole of human kind, we suggest you come and have a look at some examples here at the beautiful Okinawa islands.

So first things first, and that is to get over the language issue. Previously, they had more support for English language but looks like they have reduced it to a bare minimum. But there is nothing to worry about, because you can browse the whole website.. yes the whole website! Almost entirely in English thanks to modern software technology of course. Just see this simple, but great guide to in English that I have recently found. It will explain each process in detail. It’s good to note, that anyone can register to the website with an international address. The only problem is the language and some smaller sellers that don’t shop internationally. But if it’s sold by Amazon, they can deliver to any part of the world in a breeze with different delivery options available.

Here are some fantastic examples of products available on Amazon.

Daiko Fishing Rods

One of the classics in Japanese Domestic Market rods, these will not dissapoint and can withstand the train of even the biggest fishes. Made for those who like to fish in any kinds of conditions, including the extreme. You can really trust on the quality of Daiko. Our favorite feature are the ‘Fuji Titanium Framed SiC guides”. You will need some deep mathematics do understand the genius behind the work here.

Yamashita Lures

The products from Yamashita are top of the line with some of the most advanced high technology being utilized here. Although it’s a very classic company, and they have been making one of their most hit products, the ‘squid jiggs’ since 1965. These guys are specialized in salt water lures, which is why it’s one of our very favorites here at the Okinawa islands.

Hope you enjoyed the small introduction of Japanese fishing brands. Now that you know how to do you shopping at, I am confident that a whole world of exciting and new products is waiting for you. Just hold on to that wallet and make choices carefully of stuff that you really need. This is the Japanese spirit or mentality, to purchase one product that is extremely good and expensive is cheaper than buying many of worse quality. So keep that in my mind please and enjoy your Japanese fishing store experience in English of course! =)

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Daiki Mori

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