Introduction to Deep Sea Fishing in Okinawa

Fishing Boats in Okinawa

For the fishing enthusiast Okinawa is the place to be. Okinawa is famous for the endless clear blue ocean that surrounds it, teaming with an abundance of marine life. There are certified captains eager to take you out on your excellent fishing adventure. Fishing charters are readily available in Okinawa for a full or half day and expert guides are eager to help you land the fish of your dreams. A charter would generally carry eight to twelve people at an approximate cost of $100 each including bait and tackle.

Deep sea fishing in Okinawa is a fun filled experience and if you have little or no experience there is no need to worry. The expert guides know just where the best fishing spots are and all the tips and tricks for landing the fish of your choice whether you are trolling, drift fishing or deep sea jigging. If you choose a full service charter, the guides will not only assist you in landing your prized fish, they will also help you with bleeding and icing, cleaning your catch, fish prints, taxidermy, shipping and transportation.

The oceans of Okinawa are home to a diverse collection of fish to satisfy the desires of everyone. Some of the popular fish you can catch include Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Mahi Mahi and Skipjack. When drifting you can catch grouper and snapper using bait and lure tackles. Deep sea light game trolling could net you small sized tuna, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo and Bonito. Deep sea fishing in Okinawa is a gratifying experience and your only problem is what to do with all the fish you caught.

Daiki Mori
Okinawa Travel

This article is a part of the Okinawa Saltwater Fishing Introduction series.


  1. Thank you for this great blog. I grew up on Okinawa in Oyama but only started to love ocean fishing when in my middle age living in California. Please send me your email and if I have the chance I will try to go ocean fishing on my next return trip later this October 2016.

  2. It would be helpful to have a list of resources with how to find fishing charters. I would very much like to try.

  3. Hi there,
    Great blog about fishing in Okinawa.
    I am heading there in late May and am really eager to go deep sea fishing. I am not fluent in Japanese but can manage, where can i contact someone to book a half day or full day of fishing on a boat. I am staying south of Naha Please e-mail me.

    Thank you

  4. Hey there,

    Great blog! I am also a passionate fisherman planning to visit Okinawa this August and would like some recommendations for a charter Payao/offshore for two people. Are there any good recommendations. The thing is, I don’t know much Japanese so it would be great if you can point us into the right direction. Looking forward to your email!!


  5. Great blog! I am visiting there in October. I am eager to experience deep sea fishing in Okinawa. I am wondering where can i contact someone to book full day of fishing on a boat. I am staying Please e-mail me. Thanks!!

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