Introduction to Types of Fishing in Okinawa

Fishing from Boat in Okinawa

There is a vast amount of fish in the crystal clear waters of Okinawa and you have a wide range of options for enjoying your favorite pastime. Okinawa offers many fishing options, for anyone from the novice to the experienced fisherman. You can try them all for the maximum fishing experience. Spearfishing is a popular, delightfully primitive way to catch your fish. Whether you use a spear gun or a pole spear, you wouldn’t need to go far to indulge your fishing fantasies as spear fishing can be done close to the shore.

Deep sea fishing allows you to fish in a group under the watchful eyes of a captain and guides. This type of fishing can produce a large number of fish in a short time. Here you are going after the big fish and everyone one is guaranteed a good catch. Perhaps the most popular way to fish in Okinawa is line fishing. The best line fishing is done during high tides when the fish come closer to shore to feed and there is less chance that you will snag your line.

If you love fishing, Okinawa is a great place to fish. The warm, blue and enticing water is every fish enthusiast’s dream. There is a bounty of fish waiting to be caught and enjoyed. Be sure you know what you can and cannot do when fishing. Observing the rules protects Okinawa’s marine ecosystem and ensures its enjoyment for many years to come.

Daiki Mori
Okinawa Travel

Part of the introduction series. See this post for part one.

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