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Fish iTunes App

Did you know that there are plenty of apps that are related to Fishing in Japan as well as Okinawa. It’s a world that we opened out eyes to on our last trip to China in fact. There it seems that everyone has their smart phones ready when going out to fishing.. so we decided to have a go at it too and explore some interesting technological possibilities. Much of it was just plain fun, but some can be extremely useful as well. Luckily these apps don’t really cost much, or many of them can even be free why trying them out is not something that you can loose at.

As a side note, I wanted to share this extremely useful tip on buying a Japanese iTunes gift card abroad that really saved our trip. Because you need to charge credit to iTunes for making purchases. Being outside of Japan, we needed a way to purchases a gift card that specifically works for our Japanese iTunes account. Luckily we were because there are not many such good guides around. So check it out if you want to find the best way to do it.

Alright, so here are some of the fun apps we found!

Fish Kanji Dictionary

This is really useful. Also for Chinese and Japanese that share a lot of common names of fish. How many times were we in a situation that we are abroad and want to explain the name of the fish in English. This app has an impressive collection so you can talk fish with foreigners. Costs only a dollar.

Best Fisherman for Japan

This fun game let’s you relax when you are away from your real hobby. Made by ‘Glamor Phoenix Entertainment’, this contains all popular Japanese fish breeds. Also you have a store, where with collected credit you can buy different kinds of gear. Making it a very addictive game indeed!

Japanese Goldfish

This interesting app is all dedicated towards goldfish and their interesting life. Find out about the tens of different varieties, their names and other information. Along with beautiful pictures of course. As it is free, this is just free education when bored or going to work on the train. This app is suprisingly interesting.

There you go, an introduction of Japanese fish apps on the iTunes store. Grab a gift card and start downloading to make your day worthwile. Hope you like it.

Okinawa Travel Manager,
Daiki Mori

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