Okinawa Heaven Beyond Fishing

Okinawa Heaven Beyond Fishing

A lot of people come here for vacations and out of those people about 99% enjoy fresh sea food provided by the nearby oceans. But Okinawa is a heaven for not just those who love fish. It is also a favorite for those who enjoy a comfortable, relaxed environment with abundant beauty throughout the island. For us it’s obvious that one of the best activities at the island is fishing but it’s not actually what it is most famous for. In fact, we’ve had lots of visitors who come surprised to see so many fishing opportunities.. some of whom have fallen in love with the sport for the first time in their lives. It’s a great feeling when you know that you can give people the gift of a new hobby!

What Okinawa is famous for, is the food in general, sea sports and traditional Japanese customs. For us, it’s all about dancing and enjoying good music that we love the most. Most of the activities of which happen at one of the hundreds of beaches available. Of course there is a city with all the modern accommodates available. But to truly enjoy this beautiful island, one needs to get in touch with the friendly people that inhabit the island. There are plenty of inhabitants on the island and we don’t want visitors to feel like strangers. That’s why we often like to meet up in local bars and other musical events so that we can learn culture and having fun from each other.

Over the long history of the island, there have been a lot of foreigners visiting there of which mainly most are Americans. That’s why we are in the fortunate situation that people can speak more English, compared to the main island of Japa. In fact, the atmosphere is very different and certainly something that needs to be experienced to be understood.

Of course, some tasty sea food always helps a long way! Hope to see you in Okinawa one day, thanks for reading folks.

Sea breeze greetings,
Daiki Mori


  1. I love the food, the people, the music, the dancing (@ various matsuri) and the easy going life of the island. My favorite foods, there are many: soki soba, yakitori, yakisoba, yakiniku, tempura udon and barbecue of any type. Drinks: Orion, Awamori, Yamazaki, Yebisu Premium. I love practicing my Japanese with local friends….karaoke is a blast but I am not very good, LOL.

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