Okinawa Saltwater Fishing is Back!


After a long and proud 11 year history of the website, it is time to turn a new exiting page that will make history!

We are happy to announce the return of the website, which took some turns and twists because of a reorganisation that took part in the past months. Instead of giving up the project, it will continue as a blog that will continue to inform the public about fishing on the beautiful islands of Okinawa. Straight from the mouths of the experts, you can continue to rely on the information that we so proudly present to you here.

But that’s not all. The reorganisation has surfaced plenty of new ideas, part of which are still under consideration. However, it has become clear that the ambitious and fish loving folks here are anxious to broaden their horizons beyond Okinawa too.

Saltwater fishing is something that takes places all over the world, and while Okinawa is without a doubt one of the best places on the earth to experience it.. we think that other locations and countries would deserve the opportunity too. So, besides giving you news and information from the island of Okinawa: we will be taking trips to other amazing fishing destinations on the side. After all the hard work, during all these years I think we have deserved it. Don’t you think?

So what better way to reward our readers at the same time, then bring double the excitement and triple the useful salt water fishing information! Plus, we just might do some other fun stuff too that no one knows.

Get ready for the new!

Your host,


  1. Hey there do you still do fishing charters in Okinawa? Looking to get me and my buddy on one (hopefully a trolling one) around 26-28th

  2. Looking forward to engaging with avid fishermen and women. I love Okinawa (3rd time) and absolutely love to fish! I am game for any type of fishing (sabiki, popping, jigging). Give me a holler and I will be there. I will keep this blog in my list of favorites……any information you can provide about my favorite subject or my favorite island is always welcome!! – Tony – 080-6484-8443.

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