Saltwater Fishing Goes to China

Fishing in China

For long, we have been planning a trip outside of Okinawa. And finally our dreams are coming true, in a big way that is! Plus thanks to our wonderful new blog, we are able to tell you all about it as well. It’s not going to be just fishing and other fun stuff. Instead, we are planning a huge trip to the great Chinese mainland. It’s about time that we get to know these neighboring brothers, their lifestyles and methods for fishing too of course. We are well ahead of our planning schedule and expect to take off anytime soon. For the first leg of our trip, we have hooked up with a great team of dedicated Shanghai goers, known as the Show Shanghai. Which are the true experts of Nightlife in Shanghai!

Salt water fishing is not exactly ideal in Chinese waters and we are quite concerned about the state of the Sea itself. Especially around Shanghai, it seems that to the locals it doesn’t even feel like living next to the coast. But instead, it’s more of an experience of city style. But that doesn’t matter, we will see what kind of fishy stuff we can find from there, and the one thing we will find for sure is delicious fish to eat. Our third favorite hobby after fishing, and traveling!

For the fishy portion of the trip, we are thinking about visiting some beautiful lakes that are still in good condition and begging to be experienced with the help of a rod. We’ve heard of so many places, thanks to the useful guidance from Show Shanghai. Some that are in our target include, Wild Duck Lake which is close to Beijing.. as well as Qiandao Lake, Mulan Lake and Xiali Lake to name a few excellent ones. Our time will be plentiful and we will enjoy the Chinese land day by day in harmony with the Yin & Yang. Much like the way we do it back home in the Okinawa Islands!

In Shanghai and elsewhere in China, we expect to get a good grasp on the world famous nightlife. From acrobatics, to martial arts and opera.. we expect to experience it all as we are very exited about the show life in the red people’s country.

Best regards,
Daiki Mori

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