The People & Mentality of Okinawa

People of Okinawa

Personally, it’s really a proud thing that I can live in Okinawa. One thing is the beauty of the island, the other is the wonderful people that live here. For that reason, I can well understand why many of the inhabitants just never leave the island. I too have the strangest feeling when leaving the island with a boat, like I want to go back and never stay away from some kind of a higher calling. Not that I am religious, but at times it feels so mystical which is hard to explain. Dispite this longing to belong to Okinawa, I do set out to travel beyond the borders too. It’s often a long trip but worth it of course. Having been out for a while, is very refreshing and returning is such a joy always.

But the fact is, that Okinawa is very much dependent on tourism. That’s why we need people like myself and my good friends, who go out to make connections. So that we can promote tourism, fishing and the island itself to the outside world. While the official tourism board has done much to make the living conditions better, there is still a lot to be done.

Wherever one goes, you need good connections. And our aspiration is to be exactly that for the island. That’s why we always say, that don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need a contact here. Likewise, we always keep in touch with our friends abroad too for mutual beneift. I guess you could call that island mentality.

This kind of connectivity is the core for survival on our island. With at times harsh conditions it’s a question of safety. Or just a good way to find the best fishing spots! Anyway you really have to come here to our island to really understand the mentality here. Overall something very positive we hope that everyone would have an opportunity to experience (plus a lot of fishing of course!!), in their lives. Likewise, I hope that more people from here would explore foreign countries so that we could build more knowledge, trust and peace between nations. And I am not pointing any fingers here, except the one that is focus towards my self. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you want to know more about the people here.

Thank you!
Daiki Mori

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